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learning in the nature

Tea Plant

Time: 04/2018 - 06/2018

Location: 37th Ave St, Seattle, WA

Individual Project

Project Introduction

It is a conceptual project designing a tea production center that enables tea planting and processing. This project started with investigating tea planting and producing process and imagining an ideal tea center through a section drawing. 


The core concpet is blurring the boundary between inside and outside spaces as tea planting require outside environment for photosynthesis and rain water. Instead of dividing programs into large seperate areas, I broke them into small indoor and outdoor rooms and mixed them together for visitors to experience and learn about tea in this building better. There is no absolute boundary between indoor and outdoor, but all half-enclosed spaces. 


Outer extruded parts and middle courtyard are used as indoor and outdoor planting area for better lighting and water taking. Inner parts are used as dinning area and limited spaces at both ends are used for tea drying and withing as minor functional spaces. 

Research & Function Proposal

M Arch Portfolio Single Page-17.jpg

Idealized Tea Plant Section

section tea3.jpg

Plans, Conceptual Model & Perspective

M Arch Portfolio Single Page-19.jpg
concept model.jpeg
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