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Hand in Hand Campus

K-12 Primary School Design

Time: 04/2021 - 06/2021

Location: Baoding, Hebei

Project type: K-12 Education, Bid project

Group Project in Tianhua

Contribution: leading designer; architecture, landscape and interior design

Project Introduction

The premise of this project is to design an innovative primary school campus focusing on the increasing students mental health problems and dealing with the relatively harsh local climate.

We design the innovative connecting corridors to improve the interaction between each building and create a completely sheltered campus that protects students and school faculties from the harsh climate. And we provide a variety of different spaces for public activities and relaxation spaces such as activity rooms, books corners, piano room and tree cave space, helping students releasing their academic anxiety and related psychology problems such as school weariness and social withdraw. 

To correspond the local architectural style, the facade is made of grey brick and decorated in lively yellow and orange color applied on other innovative materials like tinted glass and window and door frames. The sustainable goals are considered in courtyard landscape design that follows the facade language and roof garden. Natural ventilation and use of daylight is also incorporated into the sustainable design within the project.

Scheme Analysis

Concept and Programming

Concept generation: Traditional Teaching Courtyard and Connection

Design Programming

Design Articulation


Design Articulation

Technical Drawings


Axonometric Plan

Courtyard Axo
Master Plan

Master Plan

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Underground Level

South Elevation

North Elevation

East Elevation

West Elevation

Student Mental Problems

Corresponding Spaces

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