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The Vertical Kindergarten

Shanghai innovative Kindergarten

Time: 06/2021 - 08/2021

Location: Pufang, Shanghai

Project type: Education, Bid project

Group Project in Tianhua

Contribution: lead designer; architecture, landscape and interior design

Project Introduction

The premise of this project is to design a "vertical" park with playgrounds in different levels for kids in a limited area of the site.

Based the shape of the site which is long and narrow. We expanded the recreation space vertically and upward in Z direction, combining with a curly, vivid appearance, in order to create as much playing space as possible for kids around the neighborhood. 

Landscape design follows the facade language. And the concept of vertical park is also applied invertedly to the interior design which required more openness between levels. 

I choose ash wood and wooden-colored painting as facade and interior design materials that provide a warm and natural environment. A lot of recreation facilities for kids are placed and hanged on facade.

concept generation: vertical park

Scheme Analysis


form generation

Design Articulation

Drawings and renderings


master plan


basement level


second level


ground level


fourth level

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