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Public Baths Hotel 

Smoky Mountain Baths Hotel

Time: 09/2023 - 12/2023

Location: Smoky Mountain Chimney Picnic Area

Project type: Gatech 2023 Fall Design Research Studio

Personal Project

Project Introduction


This semester's studio focus is on using Shape Machine, a new computing technology that fundamentally redefines how shapes are represented, indexed, queried, and manipulated to develop design rules and then create plans and 3D proposals. Begin with a study of Durand's design methods and typology. I chose public baths, an architecture about pleasure and relaxation, and used Shape Machine to develop variations of the bathroom composition in small, medium and large sizes and then applied them to the master plan which can also varied in sizes using Shape Machine rules depends on functions. The final proposal includes a public bath pool, baths complex (depending on the size, combining a hot pool, a cold pool, showers, a sauna and a spa), water entertainment, landscapes, management, hotels, a food court, a café and a theater.

Concept Generation

Shape Machine Variations

Bath Variations

Plan Variations

Design Articulation



Master Plan


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