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Behind the Static

Photographer Studio

Time: 01/2018 - 02/2018
Location: Ballard, Seattle, WA

Individual Project


Project Introduction

The premise of this project is to design a studio for a photographer to work at. Because of scale limitaton in this site, I would like to provoke a sense of openess and create more movements through the interlocking of solid and void. 


The design expresses elegance of space variation through the interlocking of spaces. People experiences enclosure and exposure of space, vairation of height and lightness through the movement of body within this building.


Programs were assigned based on funcitonaliy. First floor with a courtyard is a gallery which is more like a transitIonal space between second floor where the working studio locates and ground floor which works as archive and storage. 


M Arch Portfolio Single Page-8.jpg

Design Proposal

Ground Level


Second Level

Plans, Section, Isometric, Perspectives & Model

301 site plan.jpg
301 pers.jpg

To ensure the light in this limited space, I made a big portion of the whole building to be transparent space and make a atrium to make sure the spacial consistency and wide-openness.

M Arch Portfolio Single Page-10.jpg
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