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Cafe the Cloud

Cafe and recreation center

Time: 03/2021 - 01/2022

Location: Pudong, Shanghai

Project type: Commercial

Condition: Constructed

Contribution: form and facade design, construction management

Project Introduction

The project is located in the Pudong New Area in the southeast corner of Shanghai. The southwest side of the base is adjacent to Haichang Ocean Park, with many other recreation projects around is going to be built. It is rich in entertainment and tourism resources, and is adjacent to a landscape wetland. It has complete business and education facilities, and has the prerequisites for a livable environment.

According to the development direction of the neighbor and the conditions of the base, we positions the project as a modern interactive theme IP vitality place that immersively present the future Life mode.

The project will at first function as sales and recreation center, and the function will be transformed into a cafe. The premise of the design is to create a "soft" and white cloud-like space full of childlike sense, in response to the IP Moomin as well as the neighborhood.

Aerial view

Ground floor plan

Second floor plan

Detail design



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