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Destruction & Repairing

Fashion Project

Time: Before 2018

Individual Project

Project Introduction

Ruin is the ghost of architecture, a state between life and death. It represents the death of architecture as well as the possibility of it’s rebirthing.


As ruin leaves spaces for imagination, the dead buildings were treated operably like broken clothes and potteries. Repairing them with the repair languages of weaving, mending and joining endows ruins with new meaning of reconstructing rather than just reappearing how it used to be. 


For this project, I explore the destruction and death in architecture. The imperfection creates more possibilities, and I would like to endow new meanings for architecture’s death based on remaking ruins.


Instead of reappearing any part that looks like it was hundreds of years ago, I think of the dead buildings as organic and operable like clothes. I mend and weave the buildings, emphasizing the boundary between ruins and weaved walls, death and growth.


And the fashion is the ideal form of the combination. The soft and solid parts are weaving by wires which represented the steel bar inside the walls, showing the possibilities for dead architectures.


Later on, as exploring repairing art all around the world deeper and deeper, I create three repairing languages for reconstructing ruins which are inspired by different repairing arts.

Technique Study

Three architectural repairing languages inspired by other repairing techniques

400 final.jpg

Ruin Rebuilt

Applying three repairing languages to remake ruins

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