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Ebb and Flow
bike center

Time: 04/2019 - 06/2018
Location: UW Station, Seattle, WA

Individual Project

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Project Introduction

This project is park-like multi-functional bicycle parking center that is highly integrated with the original landscape including functions of bike parking, bike repairing, dining and resting. It was started with the inspiration of stones in the water which represent mass and path as two major architectural elements in this project. 


I keep the dynamic feature of bike flowing through creating high traffic of large areas of paths which are cooperated with the topography. As this project is built on a rugged terrain, I analyzed the site and assigned different programs to coordinate local environmental conditions which in turn help creating layers of architecture. Most of the path is assigned and built on relatively flat ground and some are carved into the landscape because of traffic need, which shape the project into different levels.


Due to the limitation of scale, three major building masses are created in the form of pavilions to enhance lightness and transparency with a central green courtyard among them. Major materials are glass, concrete which is used as underground part for bearing loads and wood which is mainly used in service areas to warm up the space. 


Green landscape of inefficient area is reserved as viewing and entertainment space that can be used as informal parking as well and retains the green of the original site.

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