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Driverless LA 2030

Shortcut Car Sharing City

Time: 06/202 - 08/2020

Location: Los Angeles Midtown

Individual Project

Project Introduction

To meet the future trend of driverless cities and inspired by Elon Musk’s concept of Hyperloop, I conceived a future the driverless system consisting with three major elements: mobile application, one-seat ride driverless vehicle and cooperated tunnel with the driverless vehicle, creating an optimized automating public transportation system of LA, in order to make the city traffic more efficient, safer, faster with this walkless and driverless system. 

This project is an envisioning of a future world with populated autonomous driving technology and a discuss of how it will reshape the future traffic and urban public space. I zoom in the specific site which is LA Midtown that has a complicated traffic situation. I started by exploring the city problem with a large-scale holistic city view and researching on how LA commuters most of whom have a serious commuting problem and would be the main users of this autonomous system. Through a sery of studying on site research and driverless technology, I integrated the induced material and technology into the proposed system (tunnel / urban traffic material), using the proposed driverless vehicle as new mean of public transit and ultimately simplifying the means of commuting, extend the public transit coverage and accelerate the traffic. 

Primary Research & Mapping

LA Overview & Problem Definition

LA Public Transportation

PT analysis.jpg

-Limited Public Transit Coverage

LA’s Public transportation covers a quite limited area which are unaccessible for most the LA commuters who live in counties nearby LA. Even though the public transportation is very complicated including various buses, sub-ways, county lines, but they are not efficient to solve the traffic and commuting problems and not convenient for commuters. Thus, more than80percent of commuters choose to drive in which situation make the busy traffic in LA worse.

LA Commuter Patterns


-Commuter Problems

This diagram illustrates the
commuting pattern of commuters who live in LA and neighbor counties. The commuting time by public transit would be so long for them. Even within LA it could take more than 90 min and it takes longer as distance get longer and the public transit get less efficient.

Population Density

PD analysis.jpg

-The Great LA Area

The Great Los Angeles Area consist of five counties and includes more than
20,000,000 people. Other than Los Angeles County,
nearby Orange County and Riverside County are home to a large number of
LA commuters who commuter between counties everyday. Lots of densly populate areas are outside of public transportation coverage. As for these
people, Commuting between home and LA is very common. As the limited public transit coverage.

Public Transit Use

PT use analysis.jpg

-Low Public Transit Utilization Rate

As a result of limited coverage and low efficiency, it is a common situation
that just a small group of people who live in center city use public transit more frequently. Most commter live in neighbor choose
driving as their main mode of travel. It has became an irrational situation that the
population density is nearly even for different area but the means of traveling
vary greatly.

User Research

LA Commuters Problem Definition


Solution: 2030 Driverless Vehicle Design Proposal

page2 car research.jpg

Driverless Technology Evolution & Advantages Analysis

Solution: 2030 Cooperated Tunnel System Proposal

Accelerated traffic system in 2030 cooperating with Driverless Vehicle (Applying induced current charging)


Urban Traffic 2030

Future urban traffic and public space proposal


Crossroad without traffic lights

Office Area with narrow lane


Commercial Area with flexible function street


normal transportation function


partially dedicate to recreation area

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