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The Miami Lotus

Miami Floating Community

Time: 09/2022 - 11/2022

Location: Miami

Project type: Competition

Group Project


Project Introduction

In response to climate gentrification which brings raising sea level and hurricane problems for Miami, this project explores the unique opportunities from mobile floating units to create a safe affordable home experience for its inhabitants.

In the default position, the expanded phase, units are spaced at a comfortable distance around each sub-community’s center communal space. During hurricane, the center community space twists, drawing in the units closer together for greater structural stability to combat the storm together. During festivities, the enlarged phase opens-up to join all three subcommunities allowing interconnectivity between all of the residents.

Forms and color schemes were adopted from Haitian architecture and adapted for a floating community prototype. These adaptations include wide floating bases to prevent capsizing, modular shipping container sized homes for ease of mobility by ship, and floating walkways. Locally sourced southern yellow pine is chosen as the main construction material for sustainability and affordability.

Connection to the Little Haiti community located inland is made accessible using floating markets that travel from the shore to the communities. On clear days, these hexagonal floating markets meander around the site bringing resources and commerce from the mainland to the residents. During stormy weather, markets are docked along the shore in tight configurations.

Concept Generation

Wave Braker

We designed the basic unit form as a hexagon by inspiring from the shape of wave braker for reducing the water and wind resistance force, which are the problems for this site. 

Site plan

Design Articulation

Drawings and renderings

master plan

edited Enscape_2022-11-09-05-13-00.png

expanded phase during festivities



edited Enscape_2022-11-09-03-34-39.png

contracted phase during hurricane

edited Enscape_2022-11-09-03-26-20.png

Residential units

edited 2 Enscape_2022-11-09-04-52-09.png

community center


floating market


public parking


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